The quest to become a stronger, faster, healthier and happier person by adopting the "Paleo Lifestyle"

‘Little Camille’ = BIG Inspiration

This was the greatest and most unique experience I have ever had involving another person. She, (along with the rest of her family), couldn’t have been more welcoming. I have never met a more friendlier person. Not only is she athletically gifted, she is also extremely keen and very well spoken.

Thank you not only your words of wisdom, but for also inviting me into your world and showing me, up close and in person, what a true specimen of excellence REALLY is.

Even though we are two athletes who come from different sport backgrounds, we still share the same age and passion.

I will always remember what you said about “second chances” and about “personal limits”. I will use these as “anchors” to help lift me up when I feel like slowing down or stopping when the intensity gets too high. I will PUSH THROUGH, just like YOU.

If you don’t know who she is, (or even if you do), go check out this short clip. It includes an interview as well as some highlights of her from the 2010 Crossfit Games.


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