The quest to become a stronger, faster, healthier and happier person by adopting the "Paleo Lifestyle"


Wrapped UP

A whole new meaning to “chicken wrap”.

It was so good, I started wrapping other things!


Stuffed Eggplant

I was inspired by this recipe, so I tried it out!


Holy “cow”, I did it!

I used zucchini and a little bit of egg plant for the “noodles”. The sauce included beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, diced egg plant, green pepper, green onion and garlic.

I really couldn’t tell the difference between the regular lasagna and this one!


I no longer have to restrain myself from eating pancakes, pizza, or bread!!!!!!!!

NEW DISCOVERY: Spinach and Celery!

A couple of days ago I decided to branch out and experience new veggies. With that being said, I got my hands on 2 new ones… spinach and celery.


I am in love. They are my new obsession, especially the spinach!

Here is a veggie stir fry I made, wrapped around a chicken breast.



– Spinach
– Celery
– Mushrooms
– Yam
– Asparagus
– Onion
– Pistachios
– A touch of oregano





Here is a more detailed look:

I noticed that the celery and pistachios complimented each other quite nicely.

Favourite Foods?

I’ve decided to share my FAVOURITE FOOD from each paleo food group!

Vegetable: ASPARAGUS or BROCCOLI (depending on my mood)
Fruit: BLUEBERRY / BANANA (but ONLY in the morning)

I used to hate asparagus and only started eating it for its nutritional value. I was also very reluctant to retry blueberries after my one unpleasant encounter with them as a child. My second time trying them wasn’t the best, but they have now grown on me. It’s amazing how my taste buds have changed.

School Snack

Omelet with some broccoli on top 🙂

A little snack to help get me through class!