The quest to become a stronger, faster, healthier and happier person by adopting the "Paleo Lifestyle"


8 Month Transformation

December – August



Practicing how to snatch.

At first, I couldn’t even lift the empty 45lbs bar over my head with proper form. Now, I am up to 65lbs. I want to be able to snatch at least 100lbs by the end of the summer.

“Weight” Alert!

Picture taken on: January 18, 2011 at 8:46am.

152.8lbs = 69.5kg.

Looks like I have to start back up on my weight training program! I shouldn’t let myself get too much under 68kg (149.6lbs) or else I’ll have to pull the “eat a massive meal and drink a litre of water” right before weighing in at a karate competition. Though I must admit, it’s pretty cool considering this is the lightest I have ever been on record (post puberty at least, haha).

FUN FACT: I found my 2008 US Open Karate Championship athlete ID card and my weigh-in result was recorded on the back. Check it out:

CURRENT GOAL: To continue dropping body fat and begin being more serious about putting on lean and efficient muscle.

Paleo, keep doing your work!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Water weight and fat weight are 2 completely different things. The number on the scale is merely a number and we should be focused more on body composition (body fat percentages vs. muscle mass). Also, gaining 5 lbs or more naturally happens after eating a meal so please, never equate the number on the scale to FAT.

First Post!

Hey guys! I will be posting info, photos and videos of my journey to becoming a stronger, faster, healthier and happier person. In the meantime, here’s a photo I made of myself to keep me motivated and on track.